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The Benefits Of Outsourcing a NOC For a CSP

The Benefits Of Outsourcing a NOC For a CSP

Having a Telecoms NOC Outsourced

The dreaded d-word… downtime! is the most significant pain point for everyone who controls a communications network. Working with a professional network operations center (NOC) partner to monitor your network is necessary. When properly managed, these centers enable you to be proactive and respond to anticipated problems before they occur.

We’ll provide you with an outline of all the significant issues you’ll want to consider when building a new NOC relationship in this blog.

The Monitoring and Security Event

Networks are monitored and secured 24×7 from our NOC, where any problems are discovered and instantly transferred to the appropriate team for remediation. Our skilled team also keeps an eye on the network for any minor changes in performance, preventing, reducing, or eliminating their negative impact on the business by conducting in-depth investigations into any potential errors, security incidents, or risks before they impact the network performance.


The best way to use data is to Report on it! We collaborate with our clients to provide various reports that analyze their network and provide SLA reports. All network events are reported using agreed-upon metrics.

Change Management

Because technology is always changing, networks are constantly evolving as well. Change management processes will inevitably be required at some point during the project.

An experienced, outsourced NOC partner such as Zen Networks has its engineers to cover all change management processes. This is critical for limiting network downtime and ensuring that a complete backup system is always available in a disaster.

Expertise in Telecoms IT

It is critical to consider the knowledge that your NOC service provider possesses. We are professionals in a variety of technologies, including MVNO and MNO… We can give next-level service to various sectors because of our industry-leading skills and experience.

Responsive engineering support

In the event of an incident, our NOC guarantees that a ticket is instantly raised, an engineer is assigned, the client is alerted, and the problem is appropriately managed in compliance with the Service Level Agreement and ITIL recommendations.

Peace of Mind

Only authorized personnel have access to our NOC, which ensures the highest level of security. A team of qualified individuals manages our NOC services, demonstrating our commitment to information security and management.


Zen Networks is glad to provide a comprehensive network monitoring solution. Our NOC system monitors our customers’ network activity, which allows us to optimize their network and avoid problems—all within agreed service level agreements. We can help you avoid extended downtime, income loss, and decreased productivity of building your own 24/7 NOC.


Visit our Network Operations Center page for additional details.


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