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What Is A Ticketing System?

Let’s take a look on what a Ticketing System is: An effective ticketing system is required to respond quickly and efficiently to users’ IT support requests. Tickets, which are frequently included in professional help desk software, allow users to request assistance while documenting an IT incident as well. The computer card thus created is sent […]

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Slack and Teams based ticketing

How Slack and Teams-based ticketing drives sales productivity

How Slack and Teams-based ticketing drives sales productivity In today’s cutthroat business landscape, the success of a company often hinges on the velocity of its sales organization. With that said, an efficient sales operations team can often be the difference between a record-breaking quarter or getting your lunch eaten by the competition. But when the […]

NOC service

What are the benefits of NOC services?

What is a NOC (Network Operation Center)? What are the utilities of NOC services? A Network Operating Center (NOC) is a central place where IT support personnel may oversee, monitor, and maintain client networks. The overall function of a NOC is to maintain the network uptime with smooth and uninterrupted operations. The NOC Services provides 24/7 […]

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