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Zen-Networks is a values-driven technology company.



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EMEC EXPO 2023 Within less than 1 month Zen Networks will be present in the 3rd edition of the EMEC EXPO 2023 International Digital Transformation Exhibition. This means there are only a few weeks left till we meet again. The 10-11 May will bring together decision-makers and digital experts to share the latest developments and trends in the digital […]



GITEX AFRICA 2023 Within less than 2 months Zen Networks will be present in The GITEX AFRICA event, the premier technology trade show in the Middle East and Africa region. The 31 May-02 June will bring together decision-makers and showcase cutting-edge companies, startups, and service providers from across the globe. The Zen Networks team will be exhibiting at the event and presenting updates […]

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With Ansible, you can automate your information systems

With Ansible, you can automate your information systems Automation tools are one technology that has had a transformative impact on system administrators. We may mention Chef or Puppet as tools. But for a long time, Ansible was the tool that won the tool fight automation. But, exactly, what is Ansible? The administrator should get familiar […]

Proactive monitoring and alert management

Proactive Monitoring and Alert Management

Proactive Monitoring and Alert Management Proactive monitoring and alert management can identify any potential issues before they become a problem and intervene to resolve them. Proactive management of alerts helps businesses to save time and money, by informing of all alerts and helping to avoid losing useful information inside the huge amount of information Today, […]

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Why Do I Need Predictive IT Monitoring and What Is It?

Predictive IT Monitoring as a part of your global IT monitoring is the solution to save your time and energy, but also a lot of money for your company! You’re dealing with an increasing number of users and customers, as well as an increasing number of duties and responsibilities? , the infrastructure must be operational […]

Proactive monitoring and alert management

Why do IT Leaders use IT Monitoring

So Why IT Leaders use IT Monitoring? What is Digital Transformation? The world is moving at a rapid pace and with that, technology and its use are changing day by day. Everything is going digital and the paperwork is becoming obsolete. In the current times, digital transformation is the use and integration of digital technology […]

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Reduce IT alert noise and fatigue

IT monitoring is the process to gather metrics about the operations of an IT environment which includes both the hardware and software to ensure everything is working according to the expectations. Reduce IT alert noise and fatigue Basic monitoring is done with the help of operation checks. However, advanced monitoring provides granular views on operational […]

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