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The Benefits Of Outsourcing a NOC For a CSP

The Benefits Of Outsourcing a NOC For a CSP Having a Telecoms NOC Outsourced The dreaded d-word… downtime! is the most significant pain point for everyone who controls a communications network. Working with a professional network operations center (NOC) partner to monitor your network is necessary. When properly managed, these centers enable you to be proactive […]

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ITIL V3 Usage in Change Management

ITIL V3 Usage in Change Management To remain competitive in the quickly evolving business world of today, the capacity to manage change is crucial. Change management, which entails monitoring the recording, evaluation, authorisation, prioritization, planning, testing, implementation, documentation, and review of changes, is one strategy for bringing about change at various levels of an organization. […]

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Organize the chaos-steps to effective change management

Organize the chaos: 5 steps to effective change management “Change management is about managing the chaos of changing humans from one habit to another,” says Kim Perkins, an organizational psychologist who has a doctorate in positive organizational technology. If there’s one word that describes the process of making big changes to big-deal processes, systems, or […]

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