Over 9 years we help companies in integrating and creating solutions for networks. 

Zen-Networks is a values-driven technology company.


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SIEM- Open Source Solutions

SIEM – Open Source Solutions

What is SIEM and what’s its benefits ? SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a hybrid of Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM). A SIEM system analyzes security warnings issued by apps and networks in real time. SIM is the gathering, monitoring, and analysis of security-related data, such as log files, […]

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Elasticsearch for APM

Lets discover how Elasticsearch for APM works Have you ever wondered how to simply monitor your application’s performance? Elastic APM is the solution. Elastic Application Performance Management (APM) is a new Elasticsearch 6.1 functionality (in beta and alpha in 6.0). Opbeat (an application performance monitoring – APM – firm) merged with Elastic a few months […]

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The Key Events Attended By Zen Networks in 2022

The Key 2022 Events Attended By Zen Networks Before presenting the main events attended by Zen Networks, let’s give a quick hint to those who don’t know us yet: “Zen Networks is a values-driven technology company, For over 9 years we have helped companies integrate and create solutions for networks. At Zen Networks, we are […]

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CISCO Switch with Zabbix – How to Monitor?

Monitoring CISCO Switch with Zabbix What is Monitoring CISCO SWITCH? Would you like to know more about how to monitor Cisco switches usingZabbix? You are in the right place, but 1st let’s get to know more about this CISCO Switch, what it is, and then how to monitor it with this open-source software Zabbix. CISCO […]

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APM – OpenTelemetry is the Futur of APM?

Application Performance Monitoring, what are you talking about? Application Performance Monitoring is a set of tools and procedures that enable IT workers to ensure that the applications consumers use satisfy performance standards and deliver a positive user experience. APM ensures that services deliver to customers at the desired level and detects errors and anomalies with […]

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Forti-elk - Analyze your Network Log Data

Forti-elk – Analyze your Network Log Data

Forti-elk – Analyze your Network Log Data FortiGate is one of the most popular NGFW (Next-Generation Firewalls). This project’s primary purpose is to create an open-source log monitoring platform dedicated to FortiGate based on this firewall’s logs. It is based on ELK, which stands for Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. This should be considered a free […]

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Deployment of an APM -Hnet.com image 14

Deployment of an APM based on Kubernetes (Prt2)

Deployment of an APM based on Kubernetes (part2) The implementation phases of the APM app based on Kubernetes This second part deals with the design and implementation phase of the solution based on Kubernetes and its details. We’ll see how the Deployment of an APM on Kubernetes works in another way we’ll look at how […]

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Deployment of an APM -Hnet.com image 14

Deployment of an APM based on Kubernetes (Prt1)

Deployment of an APM based on Kubernetes (Part1) What is Kubernetes monitoring and the most open source tools used ? This article shows how the deployment of an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution for a Kubernetes -based application works to detect and fix issues related to that application. The notion of continuous deployment in the […]

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Proactive monitoring and alert management

Proactive Monitoring and Alert Management

Proactive Monitoring and Alert Management Proactive monitoring and alert management can identify any potential issues before they become a problem and intervene to resolve them. Proactive management of alerts helps businesses to save time and money, by informing of all alerts and helping to avoid losing useful information inside the huge amount of information Today, […]

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Predictive Monitoring e1629801800180

Why Do I Need Predictive IT Monitoring and What Is It?

Predictive IT Monitoring as a part of your global IT monitoring is the solution to save your time and energy, but also a lot of money for your company! You’re dealing with an increasing number of users and customers, as well as an increasing number of duties and responsibilities? , the infrastructure must be operational […]

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Proactive monitoring and alert management

Why do IT Leaders use IT Monitoring

So Why IT Leaders use IT Monitoring? What is Digital Transformation? The world is moving at a rapid pace and with that, technology and its use are changing day by day. Everything is going digital and the paperwork is becoming obsolete. In the current times, digital transformation is the use and integration of digital technology […]

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zenoss partner


Looking for a SolarWinds Alternative? Get Modern Monitoring. Upgrade from scattered tools to a modern solution. Eliminate tool silos and get unified service-level visibility that scales. “[Zenoss is a] modern, cloud-native software architecture, as compared to legacy monitoring platforms. As a result, Zenoss Cloud should prove to be more scalable and easier to upgrade than […]

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Intelligent IoT Systems Monitoring

Zen Networks Launches Intelligent IoT Systems Monitoring Powered by Zenoss Through Strategic Partnership, Zenoss Continues International Growth AUSTIN, Texas – November 10, 2020 – Zenoss Inc., a leader in AI-driven full-stack monitoring, today announced Zen Networks, a provider of technology infrastructure solutions and services based in Morocco, has selected Zenoss to power its intelligent IoT […]

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Zabbix partnership 2

Zabbix Partnership With Zen Networks

Zen Networks is pleased to announce its partnership with Zabbix SIA As it is one of the major opensource monitoring solutions there is and certainly one of the most complete ones, we see real value in our collaboration. Zabbix is a successful product providing centralized and efficient monitoring for major corporations. For years, it successfully […]