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GITEX GLOBAL is the largest technology trade show in the MEA region. It brings together the world’s most innovative companies, start-ups, and service providers worldwide. Get to know GITEX GITEX is an abbreviation for Gulf Information Technology Exhibition. GITEX Global brings together on one forum the world’s most prominent IT startups, economies, investors, cultures, and […]

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How Zenoss Is Key to Efficient Operations in 4G and 5G

How Zenoss Is Key to Efficient Operations in 4G and 5G

How Zenoss is Key to Efficient Operations in 4G and 5G? Guest Contributor: Fayçal Noushi, CEO and Founder of Zen Networks Mobile industry solution – As mobile networks evolved to 4G, network elements transitioned from hardware-based, often with proprietary chassis, to virtualized network elements. Communication service providers often implemented such technologies through private cloud infrastructures […]

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APM – OpenTelemetry is the Futur of APM?

Application Performance Monitoring, what are you talking about? Application Performance Monitoring is a set of tools and procedures that enable IT workers to ensure that the applications consumers use satisfy performance standards and deliver a positive user experience. APM ensures that services deliver to customers at the desired level and detects errors and anomalies with […]

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What is observability?

What is observability? Much has been said and written recently about observability. Sometimes that term staying used interchangeably (and incorrectly) with visibility. Many software vendors are using the term observability, but there is little consensus on the definition. Let’s review exactly what observability means. What exactly is observability? Observability is a control theory concept that […]

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Tame the Alert Storm

Tame the Alert Storm with dashboards alerting you that something is at risk and there are several outliers outside a normal In this article, Zenoss let us know how to Tame the Alert Storm Tame the Alert Storm – with dashboards alerting you that something is at risk and there are several outliers outside a […]

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The Modern Monitoring Mullet

The Modern Monitoring Mullet: Business Intelligence in the Front, Machine Learning Party in the Back Modern Monitoring Mullet: According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term mullet was “apparently coined, and certainly popularized, by U.S. hip-hop group the Beastie Boys,” who used “mullet” and “mullet head” as epithets in their 1994 song “Mullet Head.” But […]

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Reduce IT alert noise and fatigue

IT monitoring is the process to gather metrics about the operations of an IT environment which includes both the hardware and software to ensure everything is working according to the expectations. Reduce IT alert noise and fatigue Basic monitoring is done with the help of operation checks. However, advanced monitoring provides granular views on operational […]

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Looking for a SolarWinds Alternative? Get Modern Monitoring. Upgrade from scattered tools to a modern solution. Eliminate tool silos and get unified service-level visibility that scales. “[Zenoss is a] modern, cloud-native software architecture, as compared to legacy monitoring platforms. As a result, Zenoss Cloud should prove to be more scalable and easier to upgrade than […]


FreeNAS (for Zenoss)

FreeNAS (for Zenoss) FreeNAS (for Zenoss) is powerful enterprise-grade storage with a comprehensive user interface designed to make ZFS filesystem easier to use. We’ve answered to a community need to develop a dedicated zenpack for this tool. The goal here is to be able monitor FreeNAS/TrueNAS devices with auto-discovery for pools and datasets. We rely […]


Zenoss experience Tour Dubai

Zenoss eXperience Tour – Dubai Zen Networks was a Special Guest during the Zenoss Experience Tour in Dubai ( 19 november 2019), we were invited by our partner Zenoss to intervene during ZXT in Dubai. Zenoss is our privileged vendor with whom we offer high-value monitoring services enabling enhanced proactiveness and reduced downtime. During the event, […]

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