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DevOps Automation -DevOps1

Best Practices for DevOps Automation in Your Company

  Due to the continuous growth of software in the technology sector, development teams are constantly under pressure to satisfy rising customer expectations for business applications. The following are common expectations: Performance enhancement Adding new features Ensured uptime and availability The traditional software development process has evolved with the rise of cloud-based applications. Rather than […]

Agile CI/CD and DevOPS

What’s the difference between agile, CI/CD, and DevOps?

  Agile, CI/CD, and DevOps are three of the most used terms in software development and testing circles. to understand the difference, it is best to start with what these terms actually mean.   In this blog, we will be trying to uncover some of the major differences.   · What is CI/CD?· What is Agile?· What is DevOps?· Differences […]

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