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DevOps Automation -DevOps1

Best Practices for DevOps Automation in Your Company

  Due to the continuous growth of software in the technology sector, development teams are constantly under pressure to satisfy rising customer expectations for business applications. The following are common expectations: Performance enhancement Adding new features Ensured uptime and availability The traditional software development process has evolved with the rise of cloud-based applications. Rather than […]

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With Ansible, you can automate your information systems

  Automation tools are one technology that has had a transformative impact on system administrators. We may mention Chef or Puppet as tools. But for a long time, Ansible was the tool that won the tool fight automation. But, exactly, what is Ansible? The administrator should get familiar with the Ansible control environment after learning […]

IT automation vs orchestration

IT Automation vs Orchestration: What’s The Difference?

Whether your data is stored in the cloud or on-premise, automation and orchestration make complex business processes run smoothly DevOps teams want to work quickly and you want to ship quicker, but most companies want to develop tools that allow sharing between teams and acquire a knowledge of scale. This is where automation and orchestration […]

NOC service

What is a NOC (Network Operation Center)? What are the utilities of NOC services?

A Network Operating Center (NOC) is a central place where IT support personnel may oversee, monitor, and maintain client networks. The overall function of a NOC is to maintain the network uptime with smooth and uninterrupted operations. The NOC Services provides 24/7 data protection for network performance, helping prevent downtime, and maintain uninterrupted services. Then, we […]


Automation solutions

ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION Innovation automation solution provider. SUMMARY Our client provides innovative automation solutions. For that, it needs a state-of-the-art software solution that can be both scalable and extensible. This solution is aimed at very large networks where the need for automation is most present. The automated devices are mostly network elements such as routers, […]

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Network equipment backups automation using Gitlab & Ansible

  Backups automation for network equipement using Gitlab & Ansible we’ll discover what it is. We will see also how to automate backups of various equipment like Unix machines, switches, routers… using open-source solutions. In fact, we base our solution on Ansible for automation and Gitlab for UI and versioning. The goal is to apply […]

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