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APM – OpenTelemetry is the Futur of APM?

Application Performance Monitoring, what are you talking about?

Application Performance Monitoring is a set of tools and procedures that enable IT workers to ensure that the applications consumers use satisfy performance standards and deliver a positive user experience.

APM ensures that services deliver to customers at the desired level and detects errors and anomalies with application performance. Different categories, such as load time and application reaction time, can use to track or monitor application performance.

The usage of technology has led to an increase in the complexity and distribution of applications. As a result, it’s important to keep an eye on an application’s performance to boost customer satisfaction.

APM monitoring

Let’s take a look at the benefits of APM

Boost Client Satisfaction

Happier customers tend to draw in more people who frequently use an app for a long time and are brand loyal. The primary goal is to have fewer defects and crashes to offer a platform that is satisfactory to your users.

Enhance the end-user experience

Application performance monitoring tools can assist you in finding any connected problems.

Minimizing Downtime

We can prevent 10K angry consumers if we proactively monitor app performance and lower Downtime. If 1% of a million customers can’t connect, that’s 10 K unhappy customers.

Become more objective

Make decisions on what has to be correct first using data. By prioritizing what’s vital to your users, you may enhance user experience and customer satisfaction. This is made possible by using an APM program.

Boost Your Google Ranking

In summary, visibility is crucial in growing, yet it might be difficult to stand out. In light of this, increasing your app’s performance instantly raises your Google rating, which will increase your marketability.

Boost Innovation

Reducing your consumption of bugs and problem fixes gives your software engineering staff more time to focus on developing new features for the app.

Reduce Spending on Experts

Thanks to APM software’s insights into the issue and solution, your senior team can concentrate on executing a solution instead of spending days on inquiry.

Reduced Operational Costs

Your team’s productivity determines how much it will cost to develop and maintain your application.

Increase Sales and Income

We can accomplish greater user growth and better exposure due to higher customer satisfaction, which can generate more revenue.

On the other hand, improved teamwork might result in lower operational expenses. Overall, APM software helps you increase your marketability and profitability.

Many tools help monitor the performance of applications, for example, we can find:

Zabbix, Zenoss, Traceview, Datadog, Site24x7, New Relic, eG Innovations, Sematext APM, ManageEngine Applications Manager,  etc.

Let’s see:

    • Zabbix:

It’s a company open-source monitoring tool with millions of metrics for network and application monitoring.

    • Zenoss :

Zenoss interacts with such tools to mix application and infrastructure data in one interface, in order to serve as a lone official source for the subset of applications being monitored by application performance monitoring (APM) solutions.

What is OpenTelemetry?

OpenTelemetry (OTel) is a combination of APIs, SDKs, tools, and integrations that allow it to collect and organize telemetry data from your services for improved observability.

With the Elastic Stack, Elastic OpenTelemetry connectors enable you to easily evaluate distributed traces and metrics to assist in monitoring business KPIs and technical components.

APM -OpnTel
OTel-APM Server

What is so important?

Before OpenTelemetry became well-known in the APM community, developers could get by with OpenTracing and OpenCensus.

OpenCensus is both a standard and a set of libraries, although OpenTracing is a compact specification for tracing APIs.

In the former, a freely accessible or custom-built tracer helps developers instrument their code, whereas, in the latter, developers instrument their code using an agent.

In addition to collecting and exporting time-series measurements, OpenCensus also outputs trace data to the backend server.

Although either of these technologies could use to gather the required data, engineers were forced to pick just one. To overcome the gap between these two technologies, OpenTelemetry was launched.

APM Server native support of OpenTelemetry protocol.

Elastic APM Server natively supports the OpenTelemetry protocol. This implies that the OpenTelemetry protocol may use to send trace data and metrics gathered from your apps and infrastructure straight to Elastic APM Server.

Can we consider OpenTelemetry as the Futur of APM?

Indeed OpenTelemetry might be the future of APM, for three essential reasons:

    • Beat vendor lock-in:

OpenTelemetry is vendor-neutral, enabling you to have end-to-end visibility into your application’s source code and an understanding of any developments in the community features and bug-fixing methods.

Flexibility is crucial for businesses to select the best solutions and change providers at any moment.

    • Transparency over-collected data:

OpenTelemetry ensures total transparency over the telemetry data gathered, giving you comprehensive visibility into your application.

This is crucial because customers—in this case, developers—prefer to have total control over the data they submit and the ability to access production servers, giving them full visibility into the operation of the service.

    • Easy observability:

For a better application function, essential metrics must be constantly monitored.

To understand the behaviour of a contemporary, complicated application, OpenTelemetry provides a standardized process for gathering measurements, events, logs, and traces, as well as the infrastructures that support them.

By standardizing this procedure, OpenTelemetry makes observability easier and advances APM.

To sum up, IT pros may avoid the burden of installing many proprietary agents for various backend systems or re-instrumenting code using OpenTelemetry.

By doing so, the OpenTelemetry collector guarantees to continue tracing data and exporting it without interruption, negating the need to create new integrations when new technologies emerge.


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