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Firewallbest practices to block ransomware

Firewall Best Practices to Block Ransomware

Firewall Best Practices to Block Ransomware

Modern firewalls are purpose-built to defend against ransomware – but to do so, they need to be given the opportunity to do their job. As ransomware attacks become more targeted, tailored, and stealthy, capable of causing havoc to organizations and their networks, applying best practices to get the most out of your firewall is pivotal.

This whitepaper details how modern ransomware attacks work, how to stop them, and the best practices for your firewall and network to give you the optimum protection against ransomware.

The Cost of Ransomware

Across the world, ransomware costs organizations eye-watering sums – remediation adds up quickly through downtime, hours of work, lost productivity, device costs, lost opportunities, and of course ransoms paid.

The price of ransomware: 

US 2

US $620,000

UK 1

UK £640,000


AU $1,640,000

Ransomware isn’t new – it’s evolved. Cybercriminals expertly develop ransomware to take advantage of technological developments to get the most out of their attacks, often using devastating tactics to reach their victims.

Firewall Best Practices Today for Tomorrow’s Ransomware

Ransomware is constantly evolving. We need adaptive strategies to keep up – and keep ahead – of tomorrow’s ransomware threats. This whitepaper will help futureproof your firewall for ransomware attacks no one’s even thought of yet, and block today’s greatest threats, including:

Public Cloud Ransomware

Service Provider Attacks

Encryption Free Attacks

Minimize Your Exposure to Ransomware

Make it as hard as possible for ransomware to impact your network with best practices for your firewall, including:

✓ Threat protection capable of disrupting the entire attack chain

✓ Strong security practices to close gaps

✓ Ongoing staff education to prevent human error

Download the Firewall Best Practices Whitepaper

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