Telecommunication Company 4G/5G Monitoring Platform



French National Operator.


To stay updated Telecommunication companies should always keep an eye on their interior systems such as the
Internet and incidents and know how to manage them with the highest quality and the minimum possible cost.
That’s the case of our client, he is one of the companies that provide mobile phone, Internet service, and IPTV.
The problems faced by this company were solved by ZEN NETWORKS monitoring services.


Our client has a leadership role to play on this issue with customers, employees, stakeholders, and more globally with
future generations and society in general.
He faces some serious challenges that might impact its main objectives, it has:

  • To supervise the 4G/5G monitoring platform 24/7 for its mobile network cores;
  • To have complete visibility of the state of the network;
  • To complete full visibility and the impact of partner incidents;
  • To be proactive in incident management;
  • To have unique visual support for the different networks.


Zen Networks has created solutions for those problems such as centralized control of network infrastructure and associated applications, decentralized supervision architecture with multiple data centers, and customized monitoring modules for extracting and presenting key performance indicators (KPI) from infrastructure-specific applications.


  • Effective management of incidents and the application of SLA
  • Guarantee quality, availability, and responsibilities between the service provider and the service user
  • Healthier reliability of the mobile network
  • Monitoring Design and Capability of Planning


We have taken our significant experience with ITSM and Data insight to respond to our clients and future clients needs.

Zen Networks has a long track record of success, demonstrating that we are always up to the task in order to respond our clients needs and to build future solutions based on developing trends.



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