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Atlassian - Software Development and Collaboration Tools

Atlassian is a Software company that develops products for software developers and project managers – make tools like Jira and Trello that are used by thousands of teams worldwide. With Atlassian we can create amazing products, practices, and open work for all teams.

Atlassian Customers

Atlassian Products & Services

Atlassian Overview

Atlassian Overview here’s a list which, if not explaining everything in great details, gives a valuable overview for anyone considering Atlassian for their business needs:

Seamless integration across the Atlassian products
One time platform for Development and Support teams
Supports Agile development
Variety of plug-ins
Easy to use and easy to set-up
User-friendly design
Excellent support
Pricing plan-More cost-effective option than many competitors
Ability to customize and automate as required
Free online support and documentation

Of course, each company, business and industry has varying needs, depending on the nature of their online systems, existing software and overall IT ecosystem.

Zen Networks team offers the skill of its certified engineers and guarantees effectiveness and efficiency to develop customers Atlassian solutions or to enhance clients’ existing platforms.

Zen Networks provides various IT solutions, such as IT Monitoring servicesCloud services, Agile solutions, Automation, DevOps, and more and more.

With the help of our experts in the domain, we can help you develop your business so we do provide additional benefits to our current customers.

To know more about Atlassian products contact us NOW to get a free consultation and why not a free quote too!!

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