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NOC service

What is a NOC (Network Operation Center)? What are the utilities of NOC services?

A Network Operating Center (NOC) is a central place where IT support personnel may oversee, monitor, and maintain client networks.

The overall function of a NOC is to maintain the network uptime with smooth and uninterrupted operations.

The NOC Services provides 24/7 data protection for network performance, helping prevent downtime, and maintain uninterrupted services.

Then, we need to know what services can NOC offer?

-Incident Management: As soon as an incident is detected, an authorized person is notified. These notifications are sent in either emails or SMS.

-Faults in management: It also deals with detecting, recognizing, and resolving faults occurring in the network.

-Security: One of the primary services is that (Network operating center) NOC covers the process of controlling access to data and configurations.

NOC engineers and technicians are responsible for monitoring infrastructure health and security.

They make judgments and make modifications to ensure that the network performs well and that the company is productive.

Let’s take a look at additional NOC technician’s capabilities:

  • Application software installations, troubleshooting, and updating
  • Email management services
  • Backup and storage management
  • Data backup, management, and storage
  • Antivirus, firewall, and other security scanning and resolution
  • Provide direct customer support
  • Reporting
  • Alarm/Ticket handling

What can be the localization of my NOC?

The NOC can be installed whether internally (inside a headquarter, for example) or at an external location, or even externalized (Outsourced)

You maybe already asked yourself what the difference between “In-house vs. outsourced” NOC is?

Establishing a NOC inside the company requires investments in network monitoring, management systems, tools, people, processes, etc.

However, outsourcing the NOC will help ensure proper control, review, safe, and evaluation of the networks.

Outsourcing the NOC will help free up many valuable internal resources that would otherwise be committed to network management and help optimize company expenses.

Among the benefits of NOC are:
  • Drastically reduce the overall network operating costs.
  • Significantly decrease Downtime
  • Protect your organization from Cyber Threats
  • Enhance network monitoring 24×7
  • Real-time incident management
  • Administrate Tasks and Reporting in real-Time
  • Have a single point of contact (for follow up, meeting and reporting)

Now that we established what an NOC is , what is an SOC ?

A security operation center or SOC is a command center facility with a team of information security professionals defending an organization against cyber attacks.

An “SOC” is a centralized location where a SecOps “Security Operations” Team of highly qualified IT and security specialists monitors threats and analyzes risks throughout a company.

The primary duties of SOC’s defense plan are:

  • Detection
  • Prevention
  • Protection


In conclusion, once reading this article, you’ll understand the utility and advantages of having an NOC , SOC or a combination of both.

At Zen Networks, we provide NOC as a service for various types of networks, servers, databases and improve performance.

Zen Networks services can scale from small, medium to large businesses.

We can provide 24/7 NOC dedicated and help desk support if needed, combined with multiples solutions to enhance the efficiency and reduce the SLA like ticketing systems, automation, DevOps, and many other technologies in a secure and highly available environment using AWS cloud.



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