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As a mobile operator, the organization needs its own platform to provision remotely its SIM cards. This is especially true since its network is that of a virtual mobile operator (MVNO) which poses specific constraints and relies more on an OTA solution due to its ever-changing mobile partner agreements.

Off-the-shelf solutions exist and might answer general requirements found in traditional or virtual mobile operators.
But, Smart SIM requirements are very specific and require a better-integrated solution.


  • As with any automation software, it must provide massive campaign management and compliance reporting;
  • The organization needs a solution to remotely manage SIM cards deployed by its customers on connected objects over the world. This solution must respect the Over-The-Air standards defined by the 3GPP;
  • Mobile operators need to remotely provision SIM cards as part of their lifecycle management. In fact, having customers return their SIM cards for newer versions is not a viable option. In addition, this process is often part of connectivity and cost optimization;
  • As part of their mobile to cloud solution, the SIM card remote management enables efficient management of devices that are otherwise impossible to reach. This is especially true in the Internet of Things deployments where SIM cards are often placed in difficult locations;
  • The organization’s innovative Smart SIM offer includes the embedded UICC card (eUICC) which consists of multiple operators’ profiles in the same card. Managing its own profile among the rest is done remotely using an Over-The-Air solution as per the standard.


  • Over-The-Air (OTA) remote provisioning server development following 3GPP telecommunications standards
  • Tight integration between the OTA and the information system (IS) for more agility
  • Custom OTA campaigns adapted to Sierra Wireless Smart SIM requirements
  • OTA solution must come with an API for an orchestration among the different network and IS elements
  • OTA solution relies on AWS for fast and reliable delivery 


  • Remote SIM card lifecycle management
  • Adaptability to the custom requirements of the Smart SIM
  • Efficient integration with both telecommunication nodes and the information system
  • Enhanced connectivity and better cost-efficiency


We’ve taken our significant experience with Over-The-Air platform compliant with relevant 3GPP and GSMA requirements and applied it to a new consumer oriented offering.
Zen Networks has a long track record of success, demonstrating that we match our customers’ needs and build future solutions based on developing trends.
Our solution can easily be integrated into a mobile core network by leveraging its inbound API and information system


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