Kubernetes to Achieve 5G: Telco’s Next Step

Kubernetes handles many of the difficulties with software-based 5G telecom networks. Telecom operator’s usage of Kubernetes to build highly automated, multi-environment infrastructure with various network interfaces will dictate how 5G services are provided. In the form of a cloud-native application, 5G also allows previously inconceivable data transmission speeds and high-performance remote computing capabilities.

In terms of performance, 5G has a lot of advantages.
  • Speed -The software-based functionality of the 5G network can be built, modified, and changed numerous times each day.
  • Agility -May set up the network in minutes instead of months.
  • Efficiency -CSPs want to improve the efficiency with which the 5G network can be grown and migrated to take advantage of cloud economics by ten.
  • Robustness – The 5G network’s design and built-in automation result in zero downtime resilience.

Kubernetes and edge computing

Edge computing and software bring computers and the data they need closer together, increasing availability and speed while reducing latency and performance difficulties. In addition, edge computing reduces data processing time to meet the increased demand for faster processing across various Internet devices.

5G network-as-a-service will require a different execution environment than first-generation virtual network functions (VNFs) in VM-based clouds to realize this possibility. Therefore, CSP adoption of cloud-native technologies and containers is critical for ultra-reliable, low-latency communications, network slicing, edge services, and concurrent access. Lightweight container technology runs modern cloud-native apps, which an orchestrator orchestrates. Kubernetes is quickly becoming the de facto standard for container orchestration in this environment.

Kubernetes is a container management orchestration engine managing the container-based infrastructure required to enable 5G networks and services. CSPs may self-remediate, scale on-demand, and automate the microservices lifecycle with Kubernetes. As a result, Kubernetes can assist cut operational costs and improving engineering team efficiency from a business standpoint.

Kubernetes enables a system with fewer dependencies that can easily sustain the introduction of features in the application layer by allowing the infrastructure and application levels to be separated. Telecoms are turning to Kubernetes because of its architecture’s resiliency, flexibility, scalability, and automation. However, as Kubernetes becomes more integrated with 5G, CSPs will need to hone their container networking skills.

The 5G network’s foundational technologies

CSPs must drastically modify their essential competencies in terms of mobility, low latency, high data rates, extreme dependability, and massive scale to realize the benefits of 5G technology. Across all tiers, 5G network engineering, operations, and scalability must be radically different from prior generations of mobile technologies. The following are the essential network technologies necessary for 5G:

  • Low-latency radio networks that are spectrally efficient, dense, and ultra-reliable.
  • Framework for solid security and authentication
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV) — Networks based on cloud computing in which network functions share resources dynamically and independently of geographic location.
  • Software-Defined Networking to separate user plane and control plane tasks and network slicing to enable the establishment of different virtual networks to cater to specific characteristics of the services being supplied.
  • Fulfillment and assurance of services are automated thanks to orchestration and management.
  • Edge computing with multiple access points offers services closer to the network’s edge.

Kubernetes Providing the Fuel for 5G Technology

To avoid relying on outdated and cumbersome hardware solutions, telecom firms need to understand the nature of Kubernetes today. Kubernetes, a cost-effective, open-source, and higher network speed, will require implementing 5G successfully.

So, how can Kubernetes provide Telecom firms with more benefits than alternative hardware solutions?

  • Organizes and streamlines data and information

Massive data and a few unknowns will gradually raise the burden and traffic for next-generation network solutions. However, telecom firms can use Kubernetes to streamline these data through edge computing, increasing productivity and data quality.

  • Reduce Total Costs

The use of Kubernetes for edge deployment will alleviate telco’s concerns about cost and other needs. Moreover, given the lack of alternatives to Kubernetes on the market today, it will go a long way toward maximizing the commercial potential of the 5G network.

  • Expanded Scalability

Kubernetes offers software developers a cutting-edge alternative for creating higher-quality business models. They are displacing previous methods by providing low-latency and clod-native solutions to IT teams.

Kubernetes can provide telcos with greater scalability than prior methods due to its open-source nature and cloud-native architecture.

We’re all looking forward to the new era, dominated by 5G and edge computing in a few years. In the future, it will require edge computing to ensure the best possible performance of 5G networks.
Infrastructure technologies such as Kubernetes can power the 5G network, allowing telecom networks to meet needs such as lower latency and higher throughput.

Kubernetes latest version, KubeEdge, is ready to deliver intelligent edge orchestration and expedite data and communication transfers between the edge and the cloud center. The day isn’t far away when the 5G network will change into a life-changing technology for us, thanks to Kubernetes.


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