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What Is A Ticketing System?

Let’s take a look on what a Ticketing System is:

An effective ticketing system is required to respond quickly and efficiently to users’ IT support requests. Tickets, which are frequently included in professional help desk software, allow users to request assistance while documenting an IT incident as well. The computer card thus created is sent to the technical teams responsible for resolving this type of incident so that they can plan the necessary action, phone call to the user, remote debugging, etc. So the  Ticketing software integrated with CRM management software

What exactly is a ticketing system?

Typically, it’s referring to a request to an IT support team for bug fixes or other IT-related tasks, he is, first and foremost, a method of managing your company’s priorities by defining the significance of each of your additional work tasks. When it comes to customer relationship management, each complaint and customer request generates a “ticket” that is managed by the support team throughout its resolution using a ticketing solution:

  • The client’s submission of a request
  • Making a ticket and sending it to the customer support team
  • A dedicated advisor will be assigned to the ticket.
  • Sending the status of the ticket to the customer and other departments that are affected by it.
  • Closing the ticket and resolving the case

It serves as a link between support/customer interactions and the status of their processing. They serve as a bridge between agents and customers.

As you may have seen, incident ticket management allows for time savings through better organization of your work and task distribution within a team. Don’t lose contact with your customers, and provide them with universal access to the help they require. But how can we put this solution in place?

A ticket management system is what it sounds like.

A ticketing system is a tool that can be used to:

  • Monitor and record interactions between customers and the support team
  • Organize all incoming contacts, whether they are from the website, social networks, or forums.
  • Process and list the various requests
  • Monitor the status of the request’s processing, from its consideration to its resolution

When a ticket is created, it is assigned to a customer support agent. This agent will take the ticket into consideration and keep the customer updated on the status of their request. The conversation thread is open; whenever new messages are sent, the customer and advisor will be notified via email for faster information processing.

The ticket is closed and archived in the system once the customer request has been resolved. This makes it easier to identify repetitive requests and generate new FAQs, pre-recorded answers for forums, and so on, allowing customers to find answers to their questions independently 24 hours a day.

A troubleshooting system for your IT issues

Whether for a large corporation or a small business, the proper operation of the IT infrastructure is required to carry out their activities.

Indeed, IT issues (blockages, missing information, incidents, etc.) can cause downtime, reducing productivity.

To avoid this situation, every business should have a solution in place that allows users to easily report issues and create trouble tickets (support requests).

Technical support managers must also be able to track and manage tickets in order to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Companies must use a support service management software solution that includes an efficient ticketing system to accomplish this.

Ticketing software consolidates all requests into a single location. All of the parameters are managed by you as you see fit. Personalize your support, easily communicate with your customers, automate tasks, manage and plan interventions, measure the quality of services provided, and much more.

Ticketing software integrated with CRM management software


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