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Global Monitoring Platform



The leader in the Internet of Things market.


The organization had a set of Mobile Virtual Networks (MVNO) as part of its horizontal solutions for the IoT market. These disparate networks, having similarities and being managed by the same teams need a centralized platform for their monitoring.

As part of providing a better quality of service and enabling efficient incident management processes, The organization needs to be proactive about its network health and have it monitored tightly 24/7 by a Network Operations Center (NOC).


  • Gain visibility on the network health and partners’ incident impact
  • Be proactive for incident management
  • Have a single pane of glass view for the different networks


  • Central monitoring solution for the network infrastructure and related applications;
  • Distributed setup for remote data collection involving multiple data centers in two continents;
  • Custom monitoring modules to extract and present Key Performance Indicators from the core network nodes.


  • The organization’ IoT network services are reliable;
  • Dimensioning and capacity management is based on real data observations;
  • Incident management and provider SLA enforcing is efficient.

Zen Networks Solution

We’ve taken our significant experience with  Monitoring solutions and applied it to a new consumer-oriented offering.

As part of our offering, we have a modular Monitoring architecture that can be adapted to the exact needs of our clients. These solutions provide the required visibility and enables ITIL-compliant processes. our architecture includes:

  • Different monitoring solutions adaptable to the size and complexity of the target infrastructure;
  • Developed monitoring modules to enable automatic discovery and monitoring of customer application components;
  • Reporting solutions to build KPI dashboards based on the monitoring data;
  • Ticketing systems for event management (incident, problem, change…).


Zen Networks