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Machine Learning and Deep Learning python

Machine Learning and Deep Learning with Python

Python is currently the best programming language for research and development in machine learning

According to Google Trends, interest in Python programming language has increased dramatically over the last five years when compared to other programming languages such as Java, Scala, Julia, and SPARK.

AI and Python: Why?

Python is preferred over alternatives for AI because of its code simplicity and manageability; it enables many programming paradigms (such as OOP and concurrency programming) while preserving code readability and maintenance.

Python is easy to use

The Python programming language is adequate for use in the data sector. in addition to this, Python is one of the most approachable programming languages available because of its simple syntax and non-verbosity, which places a greater focus on natural language.

Python supports many libraries and frameworks

One of the aspects that make Python such a popular choice in general, is its abundance of libraries and frameworks that facilitate coding and save development time. so, when we suggest Python, Machine learning and deep learning are exceptionally well catered for.

Python is an open-source programming language, it has hundreds of libraries along with different frameworks which the developers can use to complete their work. Python has prebuilt libraries like Numpy for scientific computation, Scipy for advanced computing, Pybrain for machine learning (Python Machine Learning) making it one of the best languages for AI, PyTorch, and TensorFlow, for deep learning as well as  sci-kit learn for machine learning implementation.

In terms of machine learning and deep learning, these libraries and frameworks are in essence Python-first, while some, like PyTorch, are written specifically for Python.

Python plays a vital role in AI coding language by providing it with good frameworks. Other than that, its fast prototyping makes it an important language not to be ignored.

Thus it is quite evident that Python is the best AI Programming Language apart from being the best language for artificial intelligence.

At Zen Networks we use Python massively and we love it! 😉

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