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AWS PrivateLink

AWS PrivateLink

Discover the AWS PrivateLink service and how Zen Networks can help you benefit from it

Without exposing your traffic to the public Internet, AWS PrivateLink enables private communication between VPCs, AWS services, and your on-premises applications. AWS PrivateLink drastically simplifies your network design by allowing you to connect to services across different accounts and VPC. Because network traffic does not cross the Internet, PrivateLink AWS  simplifies network architecture and lowers security threats.

AWS PrivateLink technology connects you access AWS partner-hosted services and supported solutions available in the AWS Marketplace via Interface VPC endpoints with AWS PrivateLink technology. AWS PrivateLink delivers the same degree of security and performance to your virtual network appliances or custom traffic inspection logic by utilizing gateway load balancer endpoints.

Benefits of Private Link AWS

Traffic Security

Connect your VPC to AWS services in a secure and flexible way using AWS PrivateLink. The traffic network that uses AWS PrivateLink does not flow via the public Internet, reducing its vulnerability to brute-force attacks, distributed denial-of-service attacks, and other threats. To guarantee that your services operate as if they were hosted directly on your private network, you can utilize a private IP connection.

You may also connect security groups with interface endpoints and attach an endpoint policy to them, enabling you to restrict who has access to which services. The same security, scalability, and performance benefits are available with AWS connections that use PrivateLink technology, such as Interface VPC and Gateway Load Balancer endpoints.

To prevent data leakage, network traffic is dispersed throughout AWS Private Link. Services are installed on virtual private clouds (VPCs) and accessible via private connections. 

This eliminates security threats such as Internet-based assaults.

Accelerate your cloud migration

With AWS PrivateLink, you can easily convert your conventional on-premises apps to cloud-hosted SaaS services. Because your data isn’t accessible to the Internet, where it may be hacked, you can migrate and utilize additional cloud services with the confidence that your data is safe. You don’t have to pick between utilizing a service and exposing your sensitive information to the Internet any more. On our AWS Compliance Programs page, you can see the most up-to-date measures in place to assist customers in ensuring compliance.

Simplified Network Management

You may also connect security groups with interface endpoints and attach an endpoint policy to them, enabling you to restrict who has access to which services. The same security, scalability, and performance benefits are available with AWS connections that use PrivateLink technology, such as Interface VPC and Gateway Load Balancer endpoints.

Case users of AWS Private Link

Secure access to SAAS applications:

Many APN partners provide AWS-based SaaS services to their clients, including log and security analytics. SaaS companies set up agents or clients on their customers’ virtual private clouds (VPCs) to create and transfer data back to them. Customers must choose between permitting Internet access from their VPC, which puts the VPC’s resources at risk, or not utilizing these apps at all when employing SaaS applications. You may connect to AWS services and SaaS apps from your VPC in a private, secure, and scalable way using AWS PrivateLink. You are protected against unwanted messages from the service provider since connections to a service may only be initiated by you.

Maintain regulatory compliance

Preventing sensitive data from flowing over the Internet, like customer records, helps you stay in compliance with standards like HIPAA, the EU/US Data Protection Shield, and PCI. Customers in the financial services, healthcare, and government sectors would benefit the most from this. AWS PrivateLink keeps traffic between AWS resources, VPCs, and third-party services on the Amazon network, where strict security and compliance measures are in place. Compliance with basic financial rules such as SEC Rule 17a-4(f) and Japan’s FICS is one of them.

Migration to a hybrid cloud

AWS Direct Link or AWS VPN may connect on-premises applications to service endpoints in Amazon VPC. The service endpoints use AWS PrivateLink to route traffic to AWS services while keeping network traffic within the Amazon network. AWS PrivateLink enables SaaS vendors to provide services that appear to be hosted on a private network. With high availability and scalability, these services may be accessed securely from the cloud and on-premises through AWS Direct Connect and AWS VPN.

AWS PrivateLink features

To use AWS PrivateLink, create an interface VPC endpoint for a service outside of your VPC. This creates an elastic network interface in your subnet with a private IP address that serves as an entry point for traffic destined to the service. For more information, see VPC Endpoints.
You can create your own AWS PrivateLink-powered service (endpoint service) and enable other AWS customers to access your service. For more information, see VPC endpoint services (AWS PrivateLink).
Privately connecting to your on-premises applications
Interface VPC endpoints support private connectivity over AWS Direct Connect, so that applications in your premises will be able to connect to these services via the Amazon private network.
Integration with AWS Marketplace
AWS PrivateLink is integrated with AWS Marketplace through an easy lookup of the services that are available over AWS PrivateLink. To facilitate the identification of which services are attached to your endpoint, services that are available from AWS Marketplace are supported with vanity DNS names. You can access AWS Marketplace through the AWS PrivateLink-dedicated page.

How it works

AWS Private Link enables you to securely link your VPCs to AWS services such as your own AWS services, services hosted by other AWS accounts, and third-party services via the AWS Marketplace. You no longer require an Internet gateway, NAT device, public IP address, or VPN connection to communicate with these services since traffic between your VPC and these services does not leave the Amazon network.

Create a VPC endpoint interface for a service within your VPC to use AWS PrivateLink. An Elastic Network Interface (ENI) with a private IP address is subsequently generated in your subnet as an entry point for service traffic. In your VPCs, service endpoints accessible using AWS PrivateLink will show as ENIs with private IPs.

For more information on how PrivateLink works, visit https://aws.amazon.com/


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