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APM - Application Performance Monitoring

Application performance monitoring will boost your DevOps team’s productivity.

You may use APM Insight from Zen Networks to do the following:

🗸 Synthetic Monitoring, OpenTelemetry and allow you to track app behavior and its influence on end users in real time.

🗸 Recognize the numerous characteristics that have an immediate impact on application performance.

🗸 Errors and exceptions can be tracked all the way through your application’s design

Server Monitoring

What is the purpose of APM?

The application performance monitoring (APM) relates to the management of software application performance to ensure an expected level of service, as measured by performance metrics and user experience monitoring. Before consumers are impacted, APM systems strive to detect and pinpoint application performance issues.

See the problems that truly matter

Obtain visibility from all angles: From the frontend to the backend

Issues can be resolved in minutes

Giving you the context you need to locate and resolve the issue.

Gain knowledge to help you improve

Insights into your application to help you enhance performance and reliability.

Why APM Or Application performance monitoring?

Improve reaction time

Individual transactions should be monitored across microservices and a distributed architecture. To understand the ripple effect, use distributed tracing to see how a request from one service causes an error in another. Reduce mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to resolve (MTTR) by detecting and resolving mistakes in real time.



Recognize external repercussions

Visualize the topology of your program and get a complete picture of its architecture, from URLs to SQL queries. Debug method level issues and identify component failure at a look.

Alerts and reports 

The notifications can help you avoid disaster. Our anomaly detection engine, which is powered by machine learning and forecasting algorithms, recognizes any unexpected behavior or performance spikes in your application and alerts you right away. This allows you to rectify problems before they harm your clients.

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Improve your entire stack by visualizing

🗸 Get complete visibility into your apps, from backend APIs to frontend user devices.

🗸 To improve data correlation across your stack, view traces and logs in context.

🗸 Use automap and external services to visualize dependencies.

Keep an eye on your present and prospective stacks

🗸 Integrate with the most common languages, frameworks, and cloud providers, including open standards like OpenTelemetry.

🗸 Setup is quick and simple with custom-guided installations.


Improve the end-user experience:

APM monitors the end-user experience throughout their digital journey by analyzing metrics including load time, response time, and downtime. Real user monitoring is used in an APM technique to track a real user’s experience on the system in real time. This comprehensive monitoring aids in the speedier resolution of end-user issues and the retention of users while improving customer satisfaction.

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